Monday, April 18, 2011

Shape and Bake

Hello! I hope your weekend was all you wanted it to be and more!
Mine certainly was!
I found an image last week that I just fell in love with.
It was just a bunch of colorful circles, but I NEEDED them in my house!
Does that ever happen to you?
A lightbulb went off and I decided to ask Jay to paint something similar for me (He was an art major, after all).
I showed it to him and he agreed that he could and would do it for me.
Of course, I didn't think that this project would get underway anytime soon, so imagine my surprise when we were in Joann's buying paint and supplies!
The idea was to do a series of 6 different shapes, all 5x7.
We picked the shapes and colors and away he went!
Audie snapped this picture of her daddy painting:

Then there were the frames to prime and paint. The kids helped with that, too.

And in less than 2 days time we were ready to hang these!

Can you believe it?? Aren't they just fab? I am positively over the moon about them!
My hubby rocks!
They will hang on either side of our dining room bay window.
I will post pictures of them on the wall eventually. Our dining room is in progress at the moment, so there will be an unveiling at some point!

I made another batch of cupcakes yesterday.. and they were glorious! I decided to go with Pamela's Cake Mix:
It is positively light, fluffy and yummy!
Here they are!

I made semi-sweet cream cheese icing for them and threw in just a couple drops of pink coloring.
Much prettier, yes?
They were so non-typical GF that we gave a plate of them to our neighbors as well.. and that is an amazing thing to be able to do, as most GF products taste like something is missing.. not these though! Pamela's products are now on my shopping list for good!
I can't wait to get a bag of regular bread mix and give it a go.

And before I go.. more pictures Audie took.. she really is getting pretty good at capturing.

 Mini Carnations gracing our coffee table with their beauty.


Have a whimsical week!


Carole said...

I love the colours you used for your frames - I bet they will look great on the wall.

Heather said...

Very pretty! How lovely to have an artistic husband :-) xxxx