Friday, April 1, 2011

April Fools Day!

Yep.. it's that time again.  Pranks abound.
Not really my favorite day.. especially with Facebook being such a big part of socialization these days.. it's really easy to fool the heck out of your friends.

The weekend is practically here!
It is going to be a nice, relaxing one for me.
Jay has shows tonight and tomorrow, which means I get to clean the house with the music as loud as I like, one of my WIP's will become a FO (Finished Object), and my newest project will get a nice kickstart.
I love easy weekends!
Coffee, tv show marathons, homemaking and crochet.
Life is goooood!

I have no pictures today, that's another thing on the list for the weekend.

I hope your weekend is bright and filled with love!