Monday, April 4, 2011

Weekend Bliss!

This weekend was phenomenally gorgeous!
Jay and I puttered around town a bit Saturday and Sunday, had some lunch, did some window shopping and a tiny bit of buying.

We stopped by the garden center so I could see if any of the flowers caught my attention and begged to be brought home with me, and then I saw these:

Beautiful Red Tulips!

And a bargain at $1 per small bunch and $8 per large bunch.

I just love them! Don't you?

I also made another purchase this weekend. My biggest weakness:

Bags! I love to make them and I love to buy them. I do not discriminate. Polka dots!

Last but not least, I will share with you a sneak peek of my At-Work project. (I prefer not to carry one project back and forth every day)

Squares for a baby blanket. The yarn is Bernat Baby Coordinates. It is so plush and soft! It is a bit fiddly though, due to the bit of shiny ribbon that runs through it.

That's all I have for now! I hope your weekend was wonderful and that your week is lovely too!